Finally got my MX to HingKong

After trying multiple firmwares and whatever tricks I’ve found to get my smartbar and home button to work I gave up and sent it to Meizu for warranty repair.

Does anyone know how long time it normally takes for Meizu to repair a phone and the cost to have it back?

Thank you

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I only paid DHL shipping (sent it back to Liaow back then). Meizu took like 5-7 days to fix my MX.

Great. That sounds fast. Thank you.

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Best was DHL. They shipped it back within 12h. Yes not even 1 day.

That’s great. My packet has been sent back and forth now a couple of times within hongkong. Finally got a call from DHL and I have to pay taxes again. I don’t care anymore just send my the darn phone :)

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Why don’t you show them the invoice of the taxes you paid the last time… Since the device went for repair, ideally you shouldn’t have to repay taxes… Give it a shot… You might be in luck…

When I ordered my MX4 DHL shipped it from Hong Kong to Sweden in 2 days. Sent on Wednesday and I picked it up at lunch on Friday. That’s darn impressive I must say.

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