How to change/add your boot sound {TUT}

Hello Meizu fans.
here is my own tutorial for how to change or add any boot sound you want.

You need to be rooted and u must have a root file explorer im using this one

1. First you need to find the sound u want (there is many bootsound on google)

2. Download the sound you want to your device…most of formats is like bootsound.ogg
we dont want .ogg so will change the .ogg to .mp3 then change the track/sound name to bootsound so we have bootsound.mp3

3.Copy the bootsound to your system/media

4.Long press to bootsound.mp3 and click on “permission” option then click/unclick the boxes as the picture

5.Restart and enjoy.

For any question plz feel free for ask.
Have fun :cool:

Here you can see how to change your boot animation

Meizu MX4

Should be “bootaudio.mp3” :)

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