Updating an I version for an A

So I’m European end I have meizu mx4 having 4g LTE for my country’s bands and everything. Everyone seems to be upgrading to the A versions of flyme and I am still on 4.0.1. What are the pros and what are the cons for updating to A versions? Is it worth it and what do I lose?

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A (China generic) version is basically same as I (imternational) except that it doesn’t come with Goolge play services installed which you can imstall by following the guide in ‘MX4 apps’ section… It comes which a few china specific apps which you can uninstall…

A version gets updated more often (also gets weekly testing releases) while I version gets updatrs only for stable releases and that too is usually a week later than A version…

So it won’t mess the phone bands or anything?
Also by a definitive yes or no from your personal xperience it Worths updating to a?


No… The bands remain fine… I don’t have a MX4 but on my international MX3 I’ve used the A firmware forever…

If you want frequent updates then change to A… Otherwise there is no real difference…

P. S. A version also comes with a Weather widget and personal assistant like Siri / ok google… But they are both China only…

So a last question. Will I still be able to go back to I versions if I want to?

Another thing that it might annoy you is that as far as I know, only the international/Unicom versions have many languages. A version will have english/chinese/russian and 3-4 more from their main markets.

Hi…i am newcomer to this forum and planning to buy meizu note.i have few questions related to above post.How we can uninstall chinese app from A version? After that still can we get OTA updates?Thanx


Most chinese apps can be uninstalled like normal apps…
A few like smart voice / weather widget (they are basically meizu apps but only support chinese so are removed from international firmware) need you to be root…
If you root you don’t get OTA… You do get the update notification but it downloads the whole update (600+ mb) files rather than true OTA (50 to 100 mbs)

What you need to check first if the device supports network bands where you live though…

So I did take the leap and i regret nothing. 40TB of cloud storage, all my app data, google stuff work fine, deleted all the chinese apps and now im enjoying early fixes.

Thanks GreyGhost.



@GreyGhost…thanks a lot for your reply. I have checked bands and they are comptible to my region. I have another few questions. If i root the phone and when i get OTA, will that full package(600+mb) work? If it works After that will my phone again become unrooted?


Yes… You can update with the full package…
Yes… You become unrooted… But you can reroot (there is a simple option in Settings to root)

@GreyGhost…thanks dude. All questions are answered…

Read also about how to make own virtual assistant in the Cleveroad blog.

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