How to disable Meizu apps?


Flyme OS is on my MX3. I would want some advice about how to disable some Meizu apps (Not remove).

I use Google apps mostly and would want to disable most of Meizu apps that are running all the time. Those apps are;

AppCenter - My apps are on Google Play Store and those are updated on Google Play Store. But Meizu AppCenter also updates some of my apps as well and, as I can not read Chinese there, I could not know the details. I am not sure my phone would still work if I disable this.
Upgrade - I would want to disable this for now.
Weather - I use a weather app on Google Play and I would want to disable Meizu weather app.
SmartcardService - I dont know what this is about. If it is related to payment related, I would want to disable it for now as I do not use it.
Personalize - What is it? I use Nova launcher and I do not need this app I believe.
Calendar - I use Google Calendar, I would want to disable it. When I say ‘show me shedule’ on ‘OK Google’, it says in Chinese English which I am having hard time to understand.
Harassment blocking - what is it? How does it work? If it makes no difference, I would want to disable it.
NfceeService - Again I am not using my phone to pay anything, and if it is related to payment, I would want to disable it.

Above are all running apps.

I have more Meizu Apps that I don’t accually use, such as calculator, painter etc. Does anyone know how to disable them as well?

My phone is rooted and I could remove Meizu apps by Titanium backup, but I just want to disable Meizu apps.

Thanks in advance.



Harassment blocking - it is a call blocker… You can add numbers to it so that calls and msgs from those numbers won’t get through

Nfcee - you might want to leave this. Removing this might completely stop nfc working i think…

As you are rooted and have Titanium backup, simply use the Freeze function to disable these apps. If your system continues to work fine then you can uninstall them I guess.

Personally I just Greenify them…

Is it possible for you greyhost to explain in a brief summary how greenify works? And which apps do you personally greenify? I suppose meizu weather is definitely one of them


Here is a good article on how Greenify works:

I personally root and delete the weather app… But you can greenify it too…
Basically you can greenify everything which you do not need to auto sync… I personally don’t want facebook and instagram syncing regularly… So i greenify them as well (in addition to Meizu appstore, Update, SmartVoice, meizu cloud service, MzPay, Nfcee, Amazon appstore)

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