Meizu partners up with Haier!

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On their UK site, Haier has fridges, freezers, laundry machines and dishwashers in their product line, so I wonder what the result of the company of Meizu will be. :D However, on their Chinese site it turns out they also make and sell entertainment products like TV’s and speakers, which must be where the co-operation is targeted at - if it’s not for controlling your fridge temperature and/or laundry from your MX phone. Could it be something like the Mi TV?

Haier also seems a bit more globally oriented than Meizu, so I wish Meizu gets a bit influenced in that way… ;) Looking forward to see what kind of plans they got!

Read on the Chinese site, its for controlling home appliances.

I was on CeBit today and Haier was there also with a small stand.
it seems Haier is a kinda big company.
What they had on display was mostly smart home devices, ait purifer and a “smart” fridge. However the fridge seems to consume a lot power. the energy rating of its was kinda bad.
Other devices was nothing really new. Most stuff is already known under FHEM.
Even my alarm system has smart contacts and sensors.

The Air purifyer was really nice, you could really sense a big improvement in air quality…

On a side note Xiaomi had also a stand there but where only showing some powerbanks and nothing else.

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