Stuck in bootloop please help :(


So, like a total idiot, i was messing with the build.prop and accidentally may have deleted something vital as after trying to reboot im now stuck on the white Flyme startup screen.

Now, i realise that all i needed to do was just update… but i haven’t had the update zip in the proper folder. D’OH!

I’ve tried again and again reboot after reboot with no luck. Can’t even get in to it via fastboot and adb because 1) Apparently i don’t have the drivers needed and 2) i really have no idea what im doing!

Please important in a really desperate situation and need help. Anyone with knowledge please advise.

Downloaded the MTK Drivers from googles own driver site but don’t know how to install them. Please help.

Hold power and volume up until you enter recovery
After you enter recovery,connect it with PC
Recovery partition will pop up
Just copy to recovery partition
And Select update firmware and clear data and press next.

This will reinstall firmware completely .

Good Luck

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Hmm I’ve been doing the power+vol.down… Ok. Will i need the drivers at all or literally as you say and just connect it without and additional software? I should probably point out that in the title i say bootloop but i think its more of a softbrick as it just hangs on the flyme startup screen. Does that change your advice at all? Cheers.


First of all relax.

It is just a softbrick, like many peoples had it before.

What you first want to do is to connect the MX4 to your computer, while you are in the recovery mode.
As you said before you need the right driver. You could try to connect it to another port first.
If that is not successful:

Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device-Manager

Look under USB Controller or Portable Devices for the MX4 (name could be diffrent), it also could be under software devices.

In my case it is under Portable Devices.
What you want to do next is to right click on the device and select Properties.
A new window will pop-up.

Go to the driver tab and select Uninstall driver.

Now simply reconnect the MX4 and wait a bit, usually Windows will install the driver on it’s own.

Do not worry, if you deleted some drivers false, simply click on this icon:

Still not working?
Well, you could try another OS, e.g. Ubuntu or Xubuntu (if your system is older) or even an diffrent PC.

Ok cool but im not even sure i have the right drivers and if not i don’t know where to get them from even Google is no help. Also all i got when in device manager was an android device with a yellow triangle. Im really sucky when in it comes to computer stuff so i apologise if Im asking seemingly dumb questions.


No need to download any drivers and yes, that is the MX4. Do the same as I stated above. Simply uninstall the driver and reconnect the device.

I can help you over Teamviewer, if you seriously fail.

Alright thanks. Think I’ve got the idea now. Given up for today and will try again tomorrow but thanks for taking the time to help me, lads.I’ll let you know how it went. Thanks again.

Fixed. Panic over. Crisis averted. Job done.

Can’t believe how quick and easy that was. Thank you very much, guys! Seriously. I owe you two a pint haha.


Completely off topic but… Lol @ hit like to pass HR meme. :P

@AOKP122 hi will this be applicable to m1? Please i need help.

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