MX3 problem

Hello. I have MX3 two weeks ago . As it out of the box, I will upgrade to flame OS .
My problem is that many times , leaves me access to contacts , staying in standby , and although sweep the screen to the left, I can not select which contacts to see.
Likewise, I can not receive calls , as the phone hangs , and if I call , the call does not come . After a few minutes , it seems the phone is recovered from failure , and I missed call alerts , but once again access contacts , get stuck again.
Someone else happens ? As I can solve the problem? Thanks for your help


Reflash the latest stable firmware (3.7.3) with clearing data.

Thank you very much for your answer. Might you tell me where to download the operating system and how to install it , please?

You can download Flyme 3.7.3A from here:

Choose “China Mainland Version” (bin file) or “International Version” (zip file) according to your device, Chinese or International/Hong Kong.
After that, move the file to your main folder on “Documents” app, and apply update. Before that you should do a backup of your data because you are going to update with clearing data.



First find out if you have a HK or CN device. Remove for this the back cover and see if the text on the battery is in english or chinese. If its chinese it is a CN one.

Second step is to download the firmware:

update.bin for CN, for HK

After you completed the download simply go to the Documents app and click on the update file. A popup will appear. Tick the box to clear data (it will delete all installed apps on your phone). Then start.

After it has completed you should boot up in Flyme 3 again.

Thank you very much for your quick response . I’ve been watching the forum, but not sure if my model is chinese or international / hong kong . I looked behind the phone, and appear in Chinese characters . as I can tell? On the other hand , how i do clear data? is automatic? thanks


Then it is a CN device.

To clear the data you need to tick the box at the pop up (if you click on the update.bin).

hello. I tell you as I was with the installation of flyme 3.7.3 .
Everything went correctly. the only problem I had to try to install google installer , who told me I needed a more modern version of the operating system. Without that, despite adding my gmail account , I had not access to my contacts , so it has not helped me any installation. anyway, thank you very much for your help.


I rolled back too. Flyme 3 is much nicer.

Use Google Installer 1.3.

Hello. Finally it seems my problem is resolved . As I said AOKP ,I install flyme OS 3.7.3 , doing a data wipe . Then me off the forum Google Installer 1.3, but when installed , the store gave me error, play store not run it.
So I kept looking in the forum, and I found the google installer 1.1 and install it. This version not installed play store , but fortunately in the same post from which download the google installer , had the download link play store 4.9.13 . I install , and put my details , everything worked properly.
I use the phone all afternoon , and all is correct .
Thank you very much for your help.

Hello again . After being tested throughout the weekend the phone, I have to tell you that the problem persists. Happens less often , but still happens . Not that I can do. I can not access my contacts . Even I get off an application of the play store contacts, and I was the same. Someone could give me any advice ? Could be timing issue with the google account? thanks


Thats strange. Reflash the firmware and clear your data and use Google Installer 1.3 as I did.

Hello. The end seems to have been solved. To see if this time is final. I tell you as I did.
As I liked the latest version of flyme , install . then did a factory erased , leaving the phone without information. Below ,I download the google instaler 1.3, but to install it, but play google gave me problems. So download the version 1.4 , and everything was great.
Currently , goes well , the contacts are perfectly visible.
I think the problem might be caused by lack of sync with my google account .
The google installer, download it from the AppCenter application of Meizu . Maybe it was not the most compatible version , as specified for MX3 also gave me problems. if I fail again , it informs you .
Thank you very much for your help and for the interest you have shown .



no problem. Glad I could sort the issue out :)

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