Question for China Version

hello I get a Meizu mx4 China version. then should I flash the International firmware?


It won’t work and it doesn’t matters either. I do not understand the hype arround the interational version. The only diffrence it has are that it has pre installed Google Services and no chinese apps (8 of them).

Your device can use A, C and U firmwares.

also kann ich die China Version drauf lassen ?
so I can let the China version on it?

ich hatte das hier gefunden . da sagen sie das der Play Store mit der china os nicht geht .
I had found this. because they say that the Play Store with china os does not work.



Mit dem Google Installer (kannst du hier im Forum finden) gibt es keinerlei Probleme.


With the Google Installer all versions are working.

muss ich in den Einstellungen noch unbekannte quellen zulassen ? wegen der apk .

Meizu MX4

I was advised not to try installing 4.x.x.xI version on chinese version device because it could brick the phone. I switched from the unicom 4.0.4U version to version and its fine.

Also you don’t need to have play store as there are a lot more appstores available. Here’s some infographics:



it is not possible to install the I version anyway. The device will check the signature of the .zip file anyway. And I clearly advise against these 3rd party app stores, since they are to 50% not reliable and so risky.

ich hab jetzt das mx4. mir ist aufgefallen das der Touchscreen immer mal wieder seltsam reagiert. wenn man in den whatsapp Einstellungen ist verstellen sich die Regler obwohl man nicht mal in der nähe der Regler ist.

I now have the mx4. I noticed that the touch screen every now and then reacts strangely. if you are in the whatsapp settings change the regulator although it is not even near the controller.


Mal neu installiert, also WhatsApp?

nein es is auch in anderen bereichen so.


Welchen Version genau? 4.1.7A?

Ansonsten würde ich mal auf 4.1.6A ausweichen.

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