Midline and minus


I have tried to setup an exchange using mid-line (under the letter Z), and it didn’t work.
today I tried to use the “-” (minus) instead and it worked.
do you know of this issue?

Is this about the keyboard? I highly recommend to install a 3rd-party keyboard.

do you have recommendation about kb, with Hebrew prediction?


Whats with Google Keyboard, does it support hebrew? (Never checked that)

is it an app. or in the phone (the Google kb)?

d/l swiftkey, much better.
(*didn’t like the last answer*).


Oh I’ve read wrong. Was still a bit sleepy. I read is it an app or phone.

haha, sorry.

Anyway, I personally prefer the Google Keyboard since it also has a white skin, which suits very nicely to the UI.

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