CPU-Z shows 3000mah li-ion battery

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know if you also have the same battery details (3000mah Li-Ion) in CPU-z that I have.

I suffer for ridiculously short battery life. (If I use LTE and browse, balanced performance on, i drain around 1% per 60-90sec.)

I also notice that the phone doesn’t charge up to 100%, but get stuck at 99% (or maybe it take too long to reach 100%)

I’ve bought that phone yesterday afternoon and I seem to face so many issues. Start to regret my purchase but want to make sure if my unit is not faulty so I can return it if it would



Use your phone untill it says it’s out of battery and shuts down. Try to boot it up again as long as it doesnt really boot anymore. Now leave your phone charging overnight and don’t unplug untill it says 100%.

Also firmware reinstall with clear all data could help like it did for me (I have super battery life now).

Hello Samanen, I did the drained until it cannot boot anymore + charge overnight, now I get 100%

Waiting to download the “A” version of firmware and do a clean install.

For now, mine sucks and still wondering if I return it. I let my phone in 3G, completely idle, in POWER SAVING MODE, it drained 4% in 28minutes…



something is seriously wrong with the battery or the phone in general.

Tell me how hot is it? Especially at the top right front and back.


I was browsing last time while downloading a firmware update (not OTA, was dowloading the ZIP, speed of only 100kb/s), I’ve noticed that the phone got very hot around the Screen ON/Off button. Not burning, but uncomfortably hot. especially the button itself that seems to channel more heat.

I remember I just had my fingers in that area while holding my phone, and got surprised. However, this morning, whn I did the 30minutes test in battery saving mode and lost 4%, it wasn’t hot.

I am now letting the phone idle while downloading another version of the firmware (4.0,3A, so I can switch from (current) to the “A” version and then update to 4.1.6A), it is somewhat hot but nothing bad. I would say it is has hot as if I use my Iphone 5 screen on and browsing for around an hour or so. Now it has been 1h30 min and I am down to 80%


Means 6h total use. However, I think we can go up to 8h. It looks to me that it needs a second calibration.

It’s not 6h of total use.

The phone is mainly idle. No screen on. It is far from the figures I’ve seen online, putting the MX4 on top of the battery life tests.

I will try to change the version and see if it gets better. If not, I will have to try to return it tomorrow and cross fingers for a refund (Philippines usually isn’t really good for that).


Or you just send it to Meizu and get a replacement.

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