Slow mo

guys why iphone 6 has slowmo in 240 fpc, and my meizu has only 100. I read some were that all (meizu,iphone) can slow video only on 1/4. Why iphone has better quality in slowmo, then my phone,'cause it stupid meizu (20,7 mp), iphone (8mp). Whe we can see better quality in slowmo?


Slow motion has nothing to do with the amount of megapixels - instead fps is all what matters in slo-mo. I’ve read that the camera unit of MX4 would be capable of 240 fps hardware wise, so maybe one day it will be made possible with a software update - but come on, I don’t think its the number one thing to focus on on Meizu’s list…

Not only 240fps, theoretically, the MX4 is capable of making 480fps slowmotion :
But it’s really hard to master with the software, so developers need time :)

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