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in SG2/3/4 I can see all applications in some screen, and in main screen just choose what I want to use and see.
how can I do that in the mx4 pro flyme please?
it a bit confusing to see all the apps, when I don’t want to see them on regular basis.
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Flyme displays all apps on home screen - no app drawer. You can either put things into folders or use another launcher from Play Store.

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which launcher do you recommend?

Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher.

Google Now Launcher might have some bugs though

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Even i have a same problem. I have installed NOVA Launcher (Full Version), but i have a question : How do i customize / hide the NAV Bar as currently it just displays only ONE Button i.e. BACK ?

Is there any way to customize this ???


Settings - > accessibility - > intelligently hide nav bar…

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