Gmail with 2 steps security mail


I have 2 steps security for my gmail account.
when I try to login using the mail application on the mx4 pro, it writes that it can not complete the operation.
any advise please?


Check Google. You can generate codes for non mobile use (means you have no phone close to you).

I didn’t explain.
when going to the mail application and putting my Gmail, I will not connect, I put same details in my other android and it works fine.
I believe that the problem is with the 2 steps, it should ask me for a code in second stage, and it does not happen.
please advise how to make it work?

Enter settings in gmail app and enable sync gmail.
This should solve your issue.

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Although it is easier to use the method mentioned by ‘Gajche’ and simply download the GMail application, if you are wanting to use the default email app you would need to generate an App Password from your Google account. You would then use the given password instead of your normal password.

You can see the instructions here:

I hope this helps :)

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