Add hidden SSID Wi-Fi


I try to add hidden ssid Wi-Fi, and I can’t.
I enter name, and pass, but it will not connect (in SG2 I do the same and get it), what should I do with mx4 pro to make it work please?


The issue could be on your side.

it ignores the hidden ssid completely.
tried with SG2/4 and it works.
I don’t think in this case its me :-)
please let me know if you know of a problem.


It could be the routers firmware. Be sure that it doesn’t uses the same SSID for it’s 2,4GHz and 5GHz WiFi (if you have 5GHz).

just did a test, broadcasted new Wi-Fi with ssid
the phone connected with no problem, when just hide the ssid, it lost it.
seems like a “feature”.
is there a workaround please?

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