Happy New Year - A few words for 2015

This is the discussion thread for Happy New Year - A few words for 2015. Tell us how you are spending New Year.

A good start for 2015 to everyone

I really enjoy it being a part of meizufans

Hope meizufans continues to grow in 2015 with all the nice stuff Meizu will release the next year.

Happy new years to our amazing community and especially for you,the moderators and owner for making this possible!


Happy new year everyone!!
Great to see the Meizufans community grow through the year!

Sadly new year plans are not so great this year… Have a very important exam coming up in a few days :P

Happy new year everyone!
I just ordered Meizu MX4 Pro.

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Good luck @GreyGhost :)

And good to hear we will get another experienced Meizu user @cielsomer :D

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