RAM usage

hello everybody!
I have got mx 3 64gb with flyme and with google launcher but even before google launcher and this version i had a high ram usage(600MB free in the best scenario) please help

What do you have opened

I always run clean master and close all the app after using but the most demanding thing is a process called MZaccount that takes 150mb ram and self openning every time… i have facebook+messenger running but i have to close them skype installed but because the ram issue i have to close that as well and 2 more local app low demand that from time to time take a little amount of RAM… my friends have nexus 5 and have no problem of RAM and dont have to use clean master
*by the way i have around 600-900 ram free with frequent use of clean master and without i have around 200-300

Well i have 500-600 MB Free RAM, with messenger, viber, facebook, skype and google keyboard opened… I thinks you’re fine…

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