New to Meizu, have some questions

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Hi Guys,

I think Meizu M1 Note will be my first Meizu, actually my first Android phone. I have some question, probably some of you know the answers to.

1. Does Flyme OS has Permissions manager sort of thing? Where I can grant/deny access to contacts/location etc to each app?

2. Can I grant/deny access to Wifi/3G to certain apps?

3. Does Flyme OS come with Google Play Services built-in? Can I remove Google Play Services (anything Google) if I wanted to?



1. Yes
2. Yes you can control 3g data. But not wifi data acess. (if you root and install a firewall app you can control even wifi)
3. International version comes with google services but chinese version doesn’t. But you can install it manually in chinese version too… To uninstall on international version you need to root.

About 3. can you recommend any tutorial or video?
Thanks for the reply.


Please avoid opening two threads in future time.
Here are my answer between: :D

Thanks @GreyGhost and @AOKP. Much appreciated. Sorry about duplication.

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