How to install google play on MX4

I just bought this phone from dubai, and i had no idea the flyme OS would be so china centric.

Anyways I was wondering if there was a way to install google play on the mx4? I already rooted the phone as per the instructions… but i have no idea how to install google play.

I eventually would like to install arabic language support on it if possible.

I usually install google play on the genymotion emulator using these instructions. But they didn’t work with the mx4


I tried installing google play services apks, while the installation completes successfully… the app keeps on crashing after i install it… any ideas?


@GreyGhost yeah tried it and it worked like a charm! I’m looking into how I can actually create a ROM for this thing that has some stuff preinstalled… any resources you can direct me to?


None that I’m aware of… Someone in a chinese forum was working on a cwm but he hit a bug and hasn’t released again since I think. So roms are not there as of now…
The fastboot mode is present but it is locked. So rom development hasn’t happened much…

Be warned that if you mess up your recovery partition then you might get yourself into a bad brick with fastboot/sptools not helping much (one person has had that already…)


You can do some work on the normal updates. But not to the kernel/recovery. Messing arround with the rom - yes. Messing arround with kernel and recovery - no!

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