Camera tips

I’m usually using the auto mode in most cases and sometimes the night mode but I was wondering, if someone knows, any tips for maximum use of the awesome camera our phone has.
At the moment I have all settings to high (photo 20mp, video 4k) and using the auto mode in most cases. If I make the MP lower to 16, will this affect the quality and if yes, in better or worse?
And last question, if I want to catch something moving fast, I can do it with the burst button only or there is also another feature?

Thanks in advance for your answers, give me some nice tips for good photo shooting and if there is similar thread please give me link here to read it.

I find a little lag between pushing the shutter and the actual picture being taken. Which results in normally blurry pictures.

For fast pictures you could use manual mode and push the brightness up but set the shutter speed lower/faster.
Obviously faster it takes a picture less light hits the camera sensor. So you will need to play around with it to get the right balance.

If you make the mp lower, the camera will take the photo much faster but you will notice a lower definition if you zoom in the photo.
To make shoots to something fast, the best option is to set a very low obturation time, like 1/8000s, 1/4000, 1/2000 . But you will need a lot of light. I recomend to set hight iso’s, like iso1200 to capture more light.

I don’t mind the speed in normal photoshooting if the quality i get is the max, so I guess I will let the MP to 20.
Ofcourse when I need to shoot something fast then this idea seems very nice, thanks!

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