Flyme OS test firmware (MX2)

New processes and back-office services cleaning function


  • When the repair plug in headphones to play music, make phone calls or have snapped Flyme phone problems.
  • Close the application to encrypt or visitors repair mode switch, click on the options list click effect have problems.
  • After opening the suspension ball repair install third-party applications, the installation is complete, close the suspension ball “open” to “install” problem.

Camera & Gallery:

  • Manual mode to optimize camera sensitivity.
  • Optimization gif tiff format image format and view the results.
  • When the camera is ISO repair manual, EXIF information is not the problem.
  • Auto repair mode when flash in quick succession in a dark environment, click the camera button, the flash does not light problem.
  • Repair the gallery folder sorted first two directories do not display the folder tab problem.


  • Fix some wmv format video can not playback problems.
  • Switching to fix some scenes are cached video, video stops running problem.


  • Repair some scenes does not pop out when you tune the search interface on the slippery keyboard input issues.
  • Repair folder navigation bar by moving files to the H page, occurred Flyme desktop stop problems.
  • After the fix hidden Smartbar, partially obscured bottom bar settings page.

Security Center:

  • Modify Security Center Home smartBar under suspension ball mode display, adding virus scanning timeout handling networking cloud.
  • MX2 into garbage clean-up error repair problems.

Application Center:

  • Under certain scenarios repair application center the question of error.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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Hey there
I just got the latest update of FlyMe with ota downlaod.
For some reasons, I am not received some SMS :( …
I have checked with my network carrier, SMS are well being sent to my phone but not properly received.
Do you have any explanation?

I have put my SIM card back in my previous phone, everything is properly working…
Do you have any idea what is happening ?

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