\[How-to\] ROOT and open developer options

How-to open ROOT permissions:
1. Make sure you’re logged in into your Flyme account.
2. Go to Settings --> Accounts --> More…
3. Click on ‘Open System Privileges’.
4. Accept the warning and enter your Flyme password.
5. After confirming your Flyme password the phone will reboot.
6. Your phone should now be rooted. You can check under Settings --> Accounts --> More… if the System Privileges are opened.

How-to open developer options:
1. Open ‘Dialer and contacts’ (phone icon).
2. Type *#*#6961#*#* in the dialer.
3. The hidden menus can now be found under Settings --> Accessibility.

Thank you honda!
Another question: In the lock screen I have no more the notify and shortcut to call and sms…is possible to have it again?


could it be because i rooted my phone first with Mobogenie’s root application (which didnt conform it worked) and also it couldnt confirm it unrooted it…could that be why i cannot update my phone as it is stuck in 2.4.1 saying all new .bin or .zip files are corrupt.
I just roted my MX2 M030 by the way above…have i done something irreversible?


I already gave a reply about your problem in the Flyme 3.2.1 thread.

Please read it carefully, since I can not tell you how much power Mobogenie has (will take a closer look today).

honda racer i did the root but now the google play dont work it say no conection…and im on wifi…
how i can unroot my phone ??

Reinstall the firmware.

  1. Copy firmware “update.zip” onto the root directory
  2. Turn off the phone
  3. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons to enter upgrade mode
  4. After entering upgrade mode, select “System upgrade” to upgrade & “Clear data” to reset user data (if required); then press “Start” to continue
  5. System upgrading, please do not shut down the phone
  6. The system will automatically reboot after upgraded
  7. After boot up, please check “Settings --> About” to verify the correct firmware version is installed

thanks a lot hondaracer ^____^

one more thing …where i can found the “update.zip” and where is the root directory in my meizu mx 2…because i cant found it…thanks a lot and i appreciate ur help …

It’s the firmware… You need to download the CN or International version depending on your device. If you don’t know what type you have, you need to remove the backcover and see what language the text is. If it’s Chinese, you have a CN version, if it’s English, you have the International version.

ok thx dude u r awesome !!

Hi Can you tell me please how to close system privileges???

i can not un root my Meizu

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